Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dixie State College---first day of school!

Yes, it is that wonderful time of year again, the starting of school! Looks like it's going to be an extremely busy semester with work and both of us going to school full time. As you know, Jeff plays football for Dixie State College and is Strong Safety for defense. (He was actually recently changed from his former runningback position, what a trooper!) His first away game is this Saturday, August 25 where he will be going to Colorado to play Mesa State. GOOD LUCK REBELS! It's gonna be tough winning games considering we are just getting into the NCAA...but I'm sure we can do it! I will post his game schedule soon enough for those of you interested in a nice vacation to St. George in the blazing 114 F heat! Jeff this semester is taking Humanities, Psychology, CIS 1200, Math 1050 and English 1010. My schedule consists of English 2010, and nursing program requirements Pathophysiology and Anatomy with a Lab. I'm also working a full 36 hrs. a week! Holy cow...we are both crazy busy and I actually just finished applying for the nursing program! Hooray, it feels so good to get that over with :) Well, I will keep everybody updated on everything!*Pray for me to get in the program, I have tough competition!*

The Fateful Foot Accident

After returning from the coolest honeymoon ever, we came home to presents and more presents! It was rather difficult trying to get all of those home in Sunny St. George---well, actually dusty Hurricane. But we made it and started unpacking our home! It felt so good to get in and believe it or not, I actually enjoyed coming back to my CNA job. However, our new lives had a rude awakening when the next fateful Sunday, July 14, when we were making Spaghetti and unpacking in the kitchen! You see...there was a giant butcher knife on the counter which fell off (freak accident) right onto my foot as I was opening the microwave. I was rushed to the instacare in hopes that they could stitch my cut up; unfortunately, the knife had sliced the tendon that runs through my ankle to my big toe, and cut the ones adjacent to that tendon killing all of the nerves.....yes, that is NOT a joke! Luckily, I was able to get into Surgery 2 days later and so now I am walking in a boot, but that comes off in about 5 days! Nearly 1 and a half months later I am finally HAPPY AND HEALED!!!!!! That month was so sad, having to say goodbye to Jeff as he left for 2 a day football practices followed by hours of working at the Pizza Factory. But it's almost therapy and then back to work!

Two Months Into Marriage!

So it has been nearly two months since Jeff and I tied the knot in the Salt Lake Temple! Oh what a beautiful day on the 29th of June, 2007 :) A quick re-cap of the big day was the marriage in the temple, a wonderful family luncheon, followed by picture taking in the huge reception hall! We spent the first night in this antique pioneer cabin (that was refurnished) and it was such a blast! The following Sunday, we flew into Long Beach, California for our honeymoon. We went on a 4 day cruise that traveled by San Diego, Catalina Islands, and Ensenada, Mexico. It was so hard coming home! But we had so many wonderful things to come home a stack of wedding gifts from kind people and a beautiful new townhome!